Spring 2020 brought with it COVID-19 and more changes than any of us could have anticipated as we rang in a new decade just months before. It has been true to form bringing with it many uncertainties and issues that we didn’t even know existed. Juggling working from home, essential work, homeschooling, loss of a livelihood, quarantine, a climate of fighting social injustice, and distance learning has birthed an incredible need that many families are requiring as we all find a place in this new world. We are the people who are living during the time of Covid, during the time that children are left without brick & mortar schools, without their teachers and friends in some cases, and without the necessary assistance needed to keep moving forward to reach their highest potential. 

The students that I teach were born in the aftermath of 9/11, are living in a fast-paced, high-pressure world where a pandemic is their graduation gift and they are asked to live out their “new normal” as “normally” as possible. The families that we have the privilege of serving want more for their children. They want their children to be seen as whole individuals. They want their mind, body, and soul taken into consideration as every part is incredibly essential to the learning process. 

Compass Educators is a team of educators who get it! We are teachers and parents who desire the best for our children and each student that we guide! There is a new way of learning and teaching students that is necessary now and in the future. We can never go back, but we can look ahead as we meet the needs of our students right where they are. They need support, reassurance, and direction as they navigate new expectations. We are here to provide holistic assistance as we set new goals together, create an encouraging learning environment, and thrive as people who persevere! 

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